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Energy-efficient Dishwashers from Turkey

Carbon bearings make Arçelik equipment fit for the European market

Dish washer with circulation pump and carbon bearing

Hot water, a high pH value of the detergent solution and fat-dissolving surfactants cause severe damage to components inside dishwashers. Carbon and graphite materials from Schunk are ideal for coping with these conditions. Among other things, they are characterized by their excellent chemical resistance. These advantages also helped the leading global manufacturer of household appliances Arçelik, for whom Schunk has been supplying carbon brushes for washing machines and grounding contacts for tumble dryers for many years. In Arçelik's dishwashers, a new generation of circulation pumps with carbon bearings is now in use. The reduced energy consumption achieved by these pumps is an important criterion for meeting the EU regulation for energy-using products (EUP).

When the American Josephine Cochrane applied for a patent for the dishwasher she had developed in 1886, she certainly never dreamed that 100 years later, around 75 percent of German households would be using her invention. Companies like Arçelik have to comply with the EU regulation for energy-using products (EUP) in order to be allowed to sell their appliances on the European market, which has a high purchasing power. This regulation requires manufacturers to develop products with lower energy consumption in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The EUP label makes the energy consumption of a dishwasher transparent for consumers.

The "heart" of the dishwasher: the circulation pump

With the new generation of circulation pumps for dishwashers, Arçelik not only meets the energy requirements of the EU, but also the highest technical and economic demands. The rotors and the bearings of the circulation pumps come into contact with the particularly aggressive detergent solution during each wash cycle - on average more than 200 times a year in a typical single-family household. For these high requirements, Schunk offers perfectly matched materials with excellent dry running and sliding properties. They are suitable for drinking water and resistant to mechanical wear to ensure a long service life.

Carbon is first choice

In order to meet Arçelik's high technical requirements, Schunk, as a development partner, relied on a material specially optimized for such tribological applications. Thanks to the use of a special press technology (PTS = “Pressed To Size”), subsequent machining of the parts could be omitted, thus combining sophisticated material properties with cost-effective production. The special properties of carbon and graphite result in low coefficients of friction as well as a very high chemical and thermal resistance of the bearings manufactured from them.

Today, Schunk is the main supplier of carbon bearings for Arçelik. The increasing demand and the reliable quality of Schunk's components place the partnership on a solid foundation.

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