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This is how the recruitment test at Schunk works

This is what awaits students who apply for an apprenticeship or a dual bachelor's degree program

Anyone applying for an apprenticeship or a dual bachelor's degree program at Schunk will - in the best case - go through a three-stage application process. This consists of

1. a written online application
2. a recruitment test
3. an interview

We know from experience that many students are afraid of the recruitment test. In order to take away that queasy feeling, we have compiled some information for you here on the proper preparation and procedure of the recruitment test at our Heuchelheim site:

Why does Schunk do a recruitment test at all?

The purpose of a recruitment test is to get to know you and your skills better. Since all applicants take the same test, the results can be compared with each other, and we can rationally and fairly evaluate who is basically suitable for training at Schunk. So everyone has the same chance in a recruitment test, without subjective factors such as appearance, behavior or likeability playing a role.


Who is invited to the recruitment test?

The recruitment test is the second stage of our application process for future trainees and dual students. Those applicants are invited who were able to convince us in the first step with their written online application. You will receive an invitation to the recruitment test by e-mail.


How to make your application documents convincing:

    1. Your complete application documents include
      1. Cover letter
      2. Resume and
      3. a current reference
    2. formulate in the cover letter why the training of your choice is your dream job.
    3.  in the resume, make sure that your information is complete, correct and clearly presented.

To find out which apprenticeship is right for you, read our blog post: How to find the right apprenticeship.

What is asked in a recruitment test?

The recruitment test at Schunk is an intelligence or logic test. As the name suggests, the test aims to test your logical thinking ability by means of various tasks. It is not a question of technical knowledge, but of drawing logical conclusions. The background is that we want to know whether you have a quick grasp and can recognize complex relationships. You answer the questions by ticking the correct solution within a defined time window.

Kaufmännische Azubis
"The atmosphere at the recruitment test was top-notch - everyone was very friendly and approachable."

Nico, prospective industrial clerk

How can I prepare for the recruitment test?

As is often the case, the Internet is your best friend here. With a little research, you can find a lot of information and sample questions on the web that you can use to prepare for this type of test.

Schunk tip: Take another look at the basic arithmetic operations! You should be able to do these in any case - even without a calculator!

What is the procedure for the recruitment test?

Have you received an invitation to the recruitment test? Congratulations! You are already one step further in our application process.


On the day of the recruitment test, you will register at our reception. There you will be picked up together with the other test candidates and taken to one of our modern conference rooms. Normally, we invite 40 people to a test appointment at any one time - but due to corona regulations, only nine people are currently admitted per appointment.

Jens CrombachBefore the recruitment test begins, our training manager Jens Crombach (picture) or someone else from our team of trainers will usually welcome you and calmly explain the test procedure. The test sheets and a pencil are already at your seat.

You will then be given a time slot for the first series of tasks and off you go!

Schunk tip: If you cannot answer a question: Don't waste time and move on to the next set of tasks.

After the time has expired, the next series of tasks will follow and so on. In total, the test takes about 90 minutes.

What happens after the recruitment test?

You've done it! Now Schunk has to evaluate the test results. This takes about one to two weeks. All applicants who have passed the test can then look forward to receiving an invitation to an job interview!

→ You can find out how to score in the job interview in our blog post Five tips on how to succeed in a job interview

Good luck!

Kim Kristin Meerbothe-Fokus
Kim Meerbothe
HR / University Cooperation

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